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Sawyers Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

You might think that the air inside your house is clean and pure because you cannot visualize the dirt particles with your bare eyes. However, the fact is that air within the house can be much more contaminated than the air at any part (even the most polluted region) of your town. Derek, one of the pioneers ofAir Conditioning Solutions brings in his years of experience as the present owner of Derek Sawyer Smart Energy. The company offers two elements of proper air conditioning: air purification and duct clean-up and sealing.

Air Purification at home

A well-built house may boast of being able to cope with the ruthless winter weather as well as the blazing summer with all the weatherproof components, but there lies a different kind of problem that often goes unnoticed. The air inside the house gets increasingly polluted with each passing day.

Sawyers air conditioning products are technologically advanced and ensures complete purification of interior air. These tailor-made products have been tested in home conditions and have been found to be largely effective in driving away pollutants and other suspended particles from air. So, the ultimate outcome is highly purified air for your family´s health and happiness.

Duct Clean-up & Sealing

The Sawyers also specialize in duct clean-up and sealing to further free the air within your house from pollutants. Day by day, air gets more and more contaminated with debris, dust particles and pollen, leading to acute health problems like asthma and allergy. Moreover, if the air ducts at your home hold moisture, there is a considerable increase in the growth of microbes like mold. This is of serious concern because it implies that each time you are switching on the air conditioner, fungal spores might be released within the room.

The trained experts possess the right experience and the right equipments for air duct clean-up and sealing, which make the air conditioning systems run more efficiently. So all you need to do is to leave everything to our team. We use cement mastic for air duct sealing which is very effective in barring pollutants from getting mixed up with the air. Only the cooled or heated air comes in devoid of any contaminants, a process in which air heating or cooling cost is reduced approximately by 25-30%.

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